Days 159, 160 & 161: Birthdays and Fabric Burns

This weekend we celebrated two birthdays.  One was my nephew’s birthday.  He turned the big 5. I know, he’s almost driving…  its insane.  His party as with most 5 year old’s, was filled with screaming chitlen children of varying ages.  Its… Well, nauseating really.

I mean, I’m glad they’re having a great time, but 2.5 hours was enough for me.  I’m good. I feel like I’ve done the parent thing and I can retire, knowing that I helped influence a young person’s life.  Seriously though, my nephew (bless his little 3 foot soul) is maybe one of the sweetest kids on the planet. Until he’s flailing on the ground screaming and making mutant monster-snot noises- Now this isn’t to be confused with throwing a tantrum. This is simply how he felt to express his joy and excitement… a couple of times.  Haha, he had fun. 🙂

Also, his cake was amazing. Props to his mom for an amazing looking cake.

Epic Mickey cake by the sister-in-law. #disney #mickey #wizardmickey

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One of the nice things about the party was that I got to see my family in a more casual setting.  Not at a restaurant, not for a holiday, but just kind of in the background of the chaos that is a child’s birthday.  I didn’t really get a chance to catch up with my little brother or his wife, but then they were managing the children.  I got to catch up with my mom and my dad, both of whom are having their own trials and joys in life. I even got to catch up with my step-mom and sister (well, they’re not really, but that’s a whole different story).  All in all, it was a hectic family event as only family events can be.

The other Birthday in question was the surprise party that I planned for my partner.  He doesn’t handle surprises well and after a conversation with one of his friends after yoga this past week he became suspicious.  Haha, then after walking in on me making the pizza order, which I’d passed off as my little brother asking me to order some for the party… he sleuthed out the truth and thus I had to make him pay. Not for the pizza’s, but you know… metaphorically. So when I took him to the party I took a rather roundabout way to the Black Raven Pub in Redmond.  Including a non-obligational trip down 520 and then driving past our house again.  Haha, not the nicest thing I’ve done, but I felt I got to mess with him a bit since he’d figured out my ruse.  In the end it was a bunch of fun people enjoying drinks and pizza at a great pub in Redmond, not a terrifically long night. But a really good night all the same.

Friends and Pie. A good night indeed.

Now… as for the Fabric.  Friday night was a good night. A quick dinner and then we were off to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.  Super cute, but stupid and not as well written as the first one. Anywho… this leads me to Saturday morning.  I wake up, I cuddle, I eat and I go to yoga. Pretty normal really. Save for at yoga we learn the basics behind straddle climbs.

Imagine a room with 15 foot tall ceilings. There are massive reams of fabric and ropes hanging securely from the ceiling.  You stand behind one of the fabrics and wrap your hands around them about head height as though you are going to climb.  Instead, you stand with your body to the left of the fabric and using your core, shoulders and arms lift your body that you are hanging upside down parallel to the fabric. Quickly, you pinch your left leg around the fabric, just above your hands.  Now your goal is to move one and then the other hand above the leg pinching the fabric and then bring up your right leg and further pinch the fabric between both legs.  The goal here is to achieve the form and successfully pinch the fabric between your legs and slowly let the fabric slide between them as you lower yourself to the ground.

If we were using a rope, we would then climb up with our hands a bit further, then drop the legs and the rope and do the same thing, but from the right side, with the right leg.  Now, I have a feeling that rope would be easier, but either way, from now on I’m going to try and remember to bring pants to the workouts.  The back of my left leg looks like a freshly opened can of Chef Boyardee Ravioli… with meat-bits.  Its not pretty and boy is it painful.  So its been wrapped and I’ve been taking care of it as one does with fabric burns. It’ll sort itself out in time.

For food, Friday was good and bad all at once.  A good/great dinner… with evil tasty things for desert, which bled into Saturday morning.  I’m talking pumpkin muffins, Cro’nuts (or the Safeway knock-off of ’em) and…  yeah. I think I ate a cookie in there somewhere too.  Lunch on Saturday was a healthy scramble with veggies followed by some tasty evil things at my nephew’s birthday (namely fried pork rolls and half of two pieces of cake).  Saturday night was then beer and pizza with Pie. Then Sunday? Well… Pumpkin pancakes from scratch, followed by eating left over pancakes through the day and then then home shredded chicken tacos (also from scratch).  🙂 Saturday was an evil day calorically I’m sure, but again, I’m working out and I’m happy.  I’m back on the shakes this morning and working out tonight.

In the end isn’t that the point of this venture? Learn how to maintain and function without gaining weight. For me it is.

Have a good monday y’all.


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