Recovery Day 5

Remember, Remember the 5th of November.

For it was the day unlike any other, where man would impart his being unto the tyranny that blankets our imagination.

Or in other words, its the first day I’m back at work since the surgery I had on Halloween.  To be honest it will probably be a half day for me as I’m still exhausted, and not able to stay clear headed for more than 40 minutes at a go. And then there’s the waking up without having realized I fell asleep.  Not anything like narcolepsy (I think), as it only happened while I’m reclined/lying down.  But still, being a non-napper. Its definitely an interesting experience.

The procedure itself was kind of a two-fer. I showed up at 7 am for an endoscopy in order to rule out a massive ulcer in my stomach and shortly thereafter had the laproscopic surgery to remove my gallbladder. We ran the endoscopy first because we wanted to be sure that the gallbladder was the the culprit.  If it turned out I had a massive ulcer, then it would make no sense whatsoever to get my gallbladder removed as recovering from surgery can be and is rarely ever fun. After chemically knocking me out once, waking me, wishing me luck with surgery, then wheeling me to my next “knock out” appointment (just over an hour between waking up and being knocked out again) my body was incredibly confused.  I got photos of what they pulled out of me and would you believe…?  A Gall stone the size (well a little bit larger than) and shape of a quail egg in my body.  Dang.  HUGE.

The kicker came when it turned out that they hadn’t given me ANY anti-nausea medication whatsoever. I then received an injection before leaving the hospital and was fine for about 3-4 hours until it wore-off and I had to keep from throwing up until… well, I couldn’t.  Cortes just wouldn’t be contained.  So Joel ran to the pharmacy after I called my surgeon and she’d put in an order for a patch and a pill to help me out.  Eventually I felt a bit better, but didn’t eat anything else that night aside from some saltines, which… Well, you get the idea.  The meds didn’t really keep anything down so much as made me feel good enough to be able to sleep. And sleep I did.

Friday was pretty rough.  I took my meds as needed and avoided food.  I just couldn’t bring myself to eat until later that night.  Friday night though… After almost 48 hours of no substantial food in body, I ate something and it settled just fine.  Man alive, that felt good.  What followed was a lot of couch sitting, bed sitting, and a couple angry words/looks (all from a good and loving place I assure you) from Joel because I kept on doing things for myself instead of waiting/asking for his help like I really should have.

Sometimes I’m stubborn and head-strong, what can I say. But I love my partner for his patience and great efforts to make sure I’m taken care of while I’m recovering.  He’s been amazing.

Saturday was more of the same, with some real foods and lots of rest.  But also me kicking my higher end pain pills to the curb.  There’s just something about the potential for addiction that inspires me to use a substance as little as possible.  Saturday yielded more normal food… including… cheese without reaction.  Oh man. Being able to eat dairy without pain and swelling was a heavenly experience that I have not achieved since July.  *heavenly gay men chorus* HALLELUJAH!

Sunday I went outside for the first time, including a trip to the theatre to see Ender’s Game. I thought it was all right for a movie adaptation, but a lot of folks seemed to feel it lacked the character growth that was so key to the book’s success.  And really? I agree. But for a movie that fits in the space of 2 hours I thought it did okay. The director could have done a better job, but eh.  Anyways, my beautiful partner woke me up with pumpkin waffles in bed, we saw the movie, and afterwards came home and cuddled and rested.  It was really a nice day.  Though strangely an exhausting one.

Monday I stayed home from work and tried to simply move around a bit more. This continued to inspire my exhaustion. I didn’t realized that just wandering around the house/making dinner could make a person feel so incredibly out of it. An important event happened Monday and that all I’m going to say about that. My surgical peeps know what I’m talking about 4-5 days post-op.

That brings us to today.  Its 10:30 AM and in spite of 8+ hours sleep last night I still feel like I’m about ready to pass out.  The surgery was a success, but dang if the recovery ain’t its own kind of pain.  I’m glad it happened though. I’m sad it took so long for the diagnosis to point to my gallbladder as stones like this take YEARS to form. While hindsight is 20/20 and I can definitely point to unexplained (and unpursued) stomach pains in the past, the important thing is that my stomach may finally know some peace.

At least, in a month when its sorted itself out. Tonight we watch V for Vendetta.

Happy Guy Fawkes Day all!


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