New Year, Old Goals

Today is the first day that life is back in full swing.  Most of the folks at the office are back from their extended vacations and meetings are piling up in my calendars.  Ah, its good for things to return to normal.

Speaking of normal, my partner and I decided to branch out in our workout a bit (as well as give his wrist a break) and instead of heading back to Yoga Studio, we’re trying a new gym called, Koko Fitclub.  Its a science based approach to fitness builds personalized workouts for you based off your gender, age, weight, bodyfat percentage, and ability.  You get a little usb key that you plug into a series of machines and at least on the all-in-one workout machine, it instructs you.  It provides the pace and tells you how to setup, what weight to adjust to… all that jazz.

So far? I’m loving it. Its just like the group classes at the yoga space, in the sense that I’m told what to do and don’t really have to think about what exercises are next or what weight or reps I need to do.  Frankly? A relief. The part I’m most excited about is that you can see your progress over time.  With the USB device you back up your data and it displays it on the web. Pretty darned nifty if I do say so. Joel and I have been so excited for it that we’ve actually gone almost every day since signing up in December. Don’t think its a bad goal to hit the gym for 30-40 minutes a day.  Because honest-to-blog, that’s all the time it takes.

I miss the social aspect of the Yoga studio, its true, but this system is two blocks from work, half the price, I get home by 6:30pm (meaning I have an evening), and provides me measurable data.  Now if only I could integrate it with fitbit, IFTTT,  my home scale and/or access the data through an api on my own. That would make it golden.

I’ll probably end up back at the Yoga Studio later this year, as variety is the spice of life and I miss simply hanging out with the people there. Maybe even earlier. They offer a punch card and I can do one or two Saturdays a month kind of thing.

As for weight-loss, well no surprise, but not working out combined with holiday classics means that I backpedaled a bit.  Fortunately I’m still in the 250’s range so I didn’t exactly crash and burn.  I’m back on my shakes though, so it will be interesting to see how Koko + shakes works out.  Especially since I chose their “Fat Burn” workout plan.

One old goal I’ve pulled off the shelf for this year is to finish projects.  Instead of coming up with new ones, I’m going to finish things like:

  • Play the video games I have instead of adding to my collection
  • Finish writing my comic and actually start drawing it
  • Actually get another dog to help prevent my current one from being so bored all the time
  • Built out design guides for the four applications I’ve dreamed up
  • Finish painting the office and bedroom
  • Put my mom’s old things up on ebay and get them out of mine and Joel’s house

And that’s… oh yeah.

  • Achieve a healthy body by the time I’m 30.

Basic stuff really. Nothing that’s unattainable and nothing that’s new.  This past year, I finished several projects and boy did it feel good- No, GREAT! Achieving goals feels awesome, even the small things, like daily, is the kitchen clean? No, then clean the kitchen. I feel ridiculously better once I’ve achieved those small things.  But the big things? Like when I sewed and apron, lost almost 30 lbs, painted the living room or setup Christmas? Man… feelings of accomplishment.

Here’s to a great new year that’s at least as good as the last. Happy New Year folks.

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