A New Experience



In spite of recovering from a sinus infection, this past Saturday I did something new. I officiated a wedding.

A couple months ago I got my certification as a Minister in the Universal Life Church. According to this Church as an Atheist my belief is the disbelief in a god or gods. Isn’t that funny? My belief is effectively the lack in belief. What a novel and progressive way to be inclusive! I thoroughly approve.

Over the past couple years I’ve had sever friends ask me to officiate and it wasn’t until two of my friends Javid and TJ got engaged that someone followed through. So I checked to see what was required and to see if I was already ordained.  Honestly I’d thought I’d had gotten ordained at the same time as a friend back in college, oops. Haha, that was fixed quickly enough.

One $10 transaction later for a certification and I was ordained.

TJ and Javid were great to work with when writing the script. Opinionated, but not overly picky. They just wanted a good message and a short short ceremony-

  • A poem
  • A Reading
  • A short reflection from Aristophane’s Origin of Love
  • Their personal vows
  • Exchange of rings
  • And bam! One happily married couple.

I bought a suit for the occasion.

I’d like to say that it was some transformational experience, but that would be a flat out lie. For me, this first time ministering was really just… Fun. I’m proud that got to be a part, any part, of one of the most significant celebrations in my friends’ life! That’s awesome. Properly awesome.

I’m a bit of a ham when it comes to standing up in front of crowds, but I think aside from a quick quip on putting their phones into “airplane mode” (the wedding was at the Museum of Flight)? I kept the puns and jokes to a nil. Short and sweet is what they want, throw dash of depth on there and that’s what I delivered. 🙂

Life is short, why not share in the love.


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