Marrying in the back of a uHaul


So its been less than a week, but you can add another notch in my officiant belt.

Last night I had the privilege of officiating the wedding between my friends Jenn and her now wife Mary. The story I’d like to share isn’t so much about how they met, but rather a reflection on how last night unfurled.

To begin with, there’s one thing you need to understand. Jenn and Mary march to the beat of their own drums. They do this so well that hanging out with them is like watching poetry in motion…  I’ll be it slightly erratic motion that makes sense once you get to where you going… But I’m getting ahead of myself.

This tale begins this past Tuesday. Jenn sends out a message inviting people to join in her wedding which is going to happen this Thursday! Joel and I like and join in immediately. Celebrating a friend’s happiness certainly takes precedence above most things in life. On Wednesday I get a text,

“I know this is super last minute. Would you be able to officiate our wedding tomorrow? The person who was supposed to do it had to back out.”

Needless to say I was honored to have been asked and quickly pulled together a script. What followed was a series of emails going back and forth expounding and expanding on the script. This actually continued in some form up until the ceremony itself.

On Thursday, the day of the wedding… We met with a smaller group of people for dinner at Lark up on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Its a really nice tapas house with inspiration from across Europe. There was a mix of family and friends… All in all… It was a pretty damned fun time. The trick though, is that we didn’t actually end up getting out of there until a bit after 9:30. Just a scant 3.5 hour dinner. Haha, I didn’t mind, but then it wasn’t my wedding. Fortunately, Mary and Jenn are also quite flexible and made it work. The Only concern was the rest of the invitees who’d been gathering at Gameworks since about 8pm.

When we got there however, there wasn’t really a need to be concerned.  Some 30-40 people were buzzed and waiting.

Now here’s where it get’s interesting.

You might be thinking at this point that the wedding is going to take place at Gameworks. That would be incorrect. In truth, the wedding is going to place about 10 blocks away (roughly a mile) and in the place you would least expect. With an impressive entourage, the wedding party and myself headed for 2nd and Pine where a non-descript uHaul was waiting to be used for some celebrating (Phrasing! Boom. #archer).  But with the entire (we hope) entourage gathered around the open backend of a uHaul in a pay to park, parking lot, Jenn and Mary had a beautifully intimate and original ceremony. Such highlights include that not only did I get to quote the marriage officiant from the Princess Bride, but in their vows they worked in the words “squoozles” and “nuzzles”.

It was really, really sweet.

Two weddings in a week though… I wonder if this is going to become a pattern. I’m free Sunday afternoon if anyone needs someone to officiate! 😉


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