Re-defining Fitness Goals

bigger shouldersI re-ignited this blog after it sat still for a long time, with the intent of tracking my diet last year. My goal was that by the time I turned 30, I would achieve the weight of 220lbs. Well, that deadline is next month and I’m nowhere near it. Currently I’m in the weight range of 260-270 (depending on water weight) and for the better part I’m okay with that.

Why? Well, there are a few reasons.

I’ve mentioned a couple times recently that I’ve been going to a different kind of gym. My new gym has a digital personal trainer (aka, a usb stick that plugs into the machine you use to workout). What’s really nice about this digital gym is that it tracks all of your stats. It knows what workouts you do, how often, what weight, etc… etc… But even better, it instructs you and updates your workouts as you progress.

Easily, the best feature of this gym is the “strength test.” Every 12th workout, you do the same exercises. These are fundamental exercises that measure the strength in some core groups. With these, they show the difference and progress you achieve in strength gain over any period of time. As I’d mentioned before, I know that my weight isn’t great, but I’m fine with it as all together I’ve gone up almost 50% in strength since Jan 1st this year.

Behold the power of numbers. Haha, I know I have some weight to lose, but I’ll get there. I’m just wanting to build out some muscle first. Not get skinny, then try to add. I mean that works, but I almost have nightmares over what I could look like at 220lbs and with no abs, pecs, shoulders, arms to fill out my frame. Call me vain in this sense, but I’ve got trajectory and I’m doing pretty well.

The last hiccup I’ve got is sugars. Here’s an example of my daily diet. My most common meal (aka Dinner) is an organic green mix (thank you Costco) either fresh or wilted with a fresh tomato sauce over quinoa, black beans, and/or ground turkey. Not bad right? I mean I eat this nightly and have my shakes during the day… So where’s the weight coming from? That’s a really good question.

While I’m not drinking soda, juices, beer (at least not with any regularity), and for the better part I’m not eating carbs. There’s that beautiful little hobby called baking. And that other little hobby called chocolate. Haha, both are fun, but darn if those aren’t just wasted calories. I’m determined to make these treats a once a week, or every other week or month thing. It’s amazing just how addictive sugar is though! You actually crave it more, the more you consume it. And in my case? I appear to go through withdrawals when I don’t have it! Has anyone else noticed this? Ridiculous I tell you.

So my sugar detox starts again today. No sugars are allowed aside from those found in my shakes and the foods I eat naturally. The next sweet thing I hope to consume will be a cake at my Birthday in about a month. We’ll see if there’s a change then. J

In spite of the hiccup that is the sugar. I’m actually quite pleased with my progress. I’m definitely stronger than I was. I’ve got bigger shoulders, chest and triceps than I thought I’d achieve in just 4 months and I’m actually quite happy with my body in general. It’s thicker than it was at this time last year, but because of muscle and not so much the fat. There are worse reasons to not fit in a shirt.

“Wah, my shoulders are too big!” Said no one ever (that’s likely not true. But you get my point).


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