History Repeating


Day 1, mark 3.

The revenge-ning, the reckoning, whatever you want to call it. I’m back on the shake diet… 100%.  The world is once again black and white.

Do I eat anything during the day? No.

Do I have anything outside of a simple dinner? (Protein, Fiber, Greens) No.

Do I get one day a week that I can have normal foods so that I don’t creatively atrophy? YES.

It’s a little bit of the same. A little bit of something new. Basically, if I get hungry I can have as many protein shakes as I want. But dinner is limited to about an Ikea bowl of simple, good foods. I’m talking baked chicken, beans, veggies…  Nothing fried, avoiding dairy… All that jazz.

The goal here is the same as last year.

Get down to a good weight. Get down to a good cut weight and maintain something at around 10-12% body fat.  At the moment? My workouts are going well…  I’ve gained more than 50% in strength since the start of the year.  I’m building muscles like crazy… I think. By the end of the year I’m hoping to be able to bench 200lbs. I mean, I’m already squatting 200 plus, so lets balance this body out.  Just imagine if I could press that with my shoulders? Damn…

Anyways, the goal here is to start a cut and gain cycle. Basically, at first I run a “cut” diet where I’m in a caloric deficit and get down to a good spot, maintain it for a while… No added sugars, no saturated fats, no polysaturated fats.

Followed by the cut, is the gain. Same kinds of foods, just more of them. The excess allows for rapid muscle growth. You just have to have enough of the building blocks in your body to actually build the muscle.

Black and White.


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