A Facebook Detox


With my nerd glasses properly perched, precariously on my nose I sit here and sigh… Figuratively speaking.

I’ve got a bad habit worse than food and its called, browsing the same four sites over and over again. The sites I’m lurking on aren’t exactly uncommon or unknown to most. But darn if they don’t distract me from what I’m trying to get done.

The sites are:

  1. Facebook.com
  2. Engadget.com
  3. Macrumors.com
  4. Kickstarter.com

So as of tonight, I’m stopping this browsing habit. Why? Because while technology is important in my field, I find that the articles in these websites lead to more consumeristic tendencies that I care for. Namely I can either afford to buy (or back in the case of Kickstarter) more crap that I don’t need or pay more off my student loans.  Frankly, I want those loans gone.

End of story.

So instead, I’m done. I’m going to use this wonderful extension called Stay Focused to try and cold-turkey myself back into the world of the productive. Basically I can block or limit the amount of time daily that I have access to sites. Wonderful eh?

I’m sure some curses shall be uttered over the next few days. But I’ve got too many ideas to keep getting distracted by cute baby cows and the latest review.


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