At the Crossroads of Magic: Refreshing your Conclusions (4/4)

Derpy Sailor Moon by kittenstar468
Derpy Sailor Moon by kittenstar468


(Part 1: Clothing)

(Part 2: Abilities)


While there was no greater purpose to this series of posts other than the exploration and attempt at categorization or application of logic to magic in one or more fictional series. I find that my approach to this somewhat calms some of the more nagging questions of “how”.

Certainly you could try to invalidate most of this by simply arguing that “there are constants in the universe and that’s just how things are.”

I’ll be the first to admit, that could indeed be true. But there’s a problem. Just as when you explain to a 5 year old, “that’s just how things are.” The rational and reasoning areas of my mind refuse to accept that as a reason. Imagine a world where there’s a magic ether, this source of power that you can tap into. In the case of Harry Potter or Sailor Moon, the limitation is only as far as you expect it to be. I didn’t really explore the limitations of this line of thinking, but given that the magic used is only as powerful as you expect it to be… what’s stopping someone who’s truly enlightened from doing something crazy and creating a new universe? Certainly there are some physical limitations when it comes to being a conduit for such energy (Sailor Saturn’s ultimate move is a good example of this), but that’s a discussion for another time.

In both series we find that those who can use magic, manipulate it to suit their needs as they see fit. From “Expelliarmus” to “Mars Power Make up” with focus and intent, its amazing what you are capable of conjuring.


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