Day 2: A Good Start and A Plan



Make a plan
Make a plan

Yesterday turned out really well… Compared to the last few times that I started diets, this first day was by far the easiest.  Not only did I hit my caloric intake target, but I stayed on-diet and hit the gym (even if I went kicking and screaming, Thank you Joel).

My first dietary challenge arrives no later than on Day Number 2, as tonight we have plans that I’ve been looking forward to for a while now. Foremost, we’re going to Phantom of the Opera at the Paramount tonight. I’ve never seen a live production of it, so this should be good

… But when we hit the theatre, there’s always dinner before hand.  Tonight we’re giving a local gastropub, “Spur” another go.  We’d tried it for Valentine’s day several years ago and were incredibly unimpressed. But, we’ve always considered that the quality and make of the food was likely hampered by the fixed menu of the evening (It was also decidedly, the last Valentine’s we’d ever go out to eat for).

So in going out, I now have my first challenge on Day 2. I must find foods that won’t kill my calorie goals for the day.  And now? For the plan.

To prep for the day I’m going to try and bank calories. Basically, keep my intake prior to dinner at about 500 calories… So that even if I can enter the dinner scene with about 1200 to “spend.” Even if I go over? The likely hood of Joel and I walking a couple miles either before or after dinner is very high. With this plan, I’m hoping that I can still achieve my caloric deficit in spite of dining out.

Actually, come to think of it… I’ve basically picked one of the roughest potential weeks for starting a diet. It just so happens, that this week Joel’s work is taking us out to celebrate on Friday at Teatro Zinzanni‘s on Friday.  Then Saturday I’m celebrating Mother’s Day one day early and taking my her to Toulouse Petit, and then the following Monday, May 11th? My 31st birthday.  All except for Monday… I’m going to do my best to keep the calories under control- But more on that later.

This week, if I can make it through this week? I think I’ll have a solid foundation on this new caloric and exercise tracking lifestyle.


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