Day 4: Really, Just the Worst Week


One Million Calories Meme

Don’t let the title of this post fool you.

From a diet-perspective I’m owning this. Not only did I come in just under 1700 calories yesterday, but I burned an additional 500-600 in workout. Score! Right?

Well, that was Thursday. Today? Friday… And if Wednesday was difficult from a food consumption perspective, today’s going to be just all kinds of special.

I’d mentioned  in Wednesday’s post that I couldn’t have picked a worse week to start given that I’m going to be heading out to eat about 5 times within that first week. All planned, but all… Just difficult. Today I have a two meals that are “out and about”. First a monthly lunch with a friend and we’re headed to a steakhouse in Redmond. Shouldn’t be too hard to stay on target there. Just avoid anything with Potato or bread in it. Up second, as I mentioned before, my partner’s product team is being taken out with the rest of significant others (which, includes me… yay) to “dinner theatre”. Teatro Zinzanni.  We’ve been once before, and it’s cute… The performances on the good side of the spectrum and the food? Mostly good. Their “love spice” that they were touting when we went there last was basically lemon, ginger and salt. Good on fish… Not much else (you’d think poultry, right? But no… oh, we tried).

So that’s two meals out in one day which means that I’m sitting here at 7:30am, no breakfast (yay, planful), waiting to meet up with another friend for my planned coffee. The 100+ calories of soy milk will be my breakfast (ugh, planful) until I meet up at noon and take on the largest, simplest (no dressings, cheeses, bittles of bacon, etc), mixed green steak salad I can find. Fortunately I have a lot of work to do between now and then, so distracting myself from any potential snacking/hungers prior to lunch should be an easy feat. The trick with Dinner however is going to be keeping the calories down…  Places like Teatro tend to go for the “rich” flavors. Also known as anything with a butter base.

For example, the entree selections:

Lamb Chop & Kobe Sirloin Duo

All natural herbed lamb chop and petite Double R Ranch Kobe sirloin with smoked Gouda cream, served with Gorgonzola potatoes au gratin, and seasonal vegetables

Wild Alaskan Halibut

Wild caught Halibut with citrus-peppadew butter and yuzu-sage cream sauce served with fines herbes, roasted leek and Thai basil jasmine rice, and seasonal vegetables


Roasted pumpkin and mascarpone ravioli topped with pea vines and broccolini in a rich citrus-herb cream sauce garnished with toasted almonds, and shaved Parmesan cheese

All look tasty enough, but dang… CREAM. Cream is like the source of all calories.


Tonight my dance card will be full. The dance of the forbidden calorie.


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