Day 13: Diet Detour, Of Remodel Syndrome and Family

Distracting Bunny

Diet-Posting Detour: This weekend was about a lot of the smaller things in life, more so than my diet. I didn’t break it terribly. I mean, aside from having Phad Thai on Saturday night (my dad took Joel and I out for my birthday) and the sushi I ate on Sunday (stayed away from rice on most of my selections). This weekend was full of activities.

But back to the Saturday Night dinner. Had you joined us you would have hear such quotables as:

“She only wore the high heels to the campground.”

“The bees didn’t both us. But my girlfriend? She was wearing perfume.”

“I jumped on the front of the treadmill and screamed for help.”

“I saw these cans in the store with such pretty cats and dogs, it was my first week in America and I just couldn’t understand why they would eat such beautiful animals!”

These and many more amusing quotables were shared with us by my dad’s fiance (she had discovered canned cat and dog-food, by the by). My dad’s fiance is from the Veitnam (20+ years now? You should hear about her emigration story, it’s tearful and funny) and just the loveliest woman! Caring, kind, always trying to give us more and more food. Haha, she’s amazing- I always feel terrible turning down taking leftovers (sooo much foooood). But less bad when we discover a doggy-bag/plate/box among our things when we arrive home.

Between dinner with my dad and his finance, movies, chores, remodel-work, some brief time for gaming, hitting the gym, and getting my ducks in a row for a garage sale I’m hosting next weekend (oh and giving a couple haircuts). There are so many things that happened this weekend. Which is good! But why does it feel like so little happened?

I think it’s Remodel Syndrome. We’re in that moment wherein we’ve been remodeling so long that anything short of a wall or ceiling disappearing (or being completed, never mind all the messy steps in between), it feels like nothing’s been accomplished. Once we’ve ripped out the fireplace wall separating the living and dining rooms we’ll have a giant, open floorplan. Great right? It is! I just wasn’t expecting it so soon and as a result don’t have a plan for it.

I’m coming to grips with it. But until I do, the interior decorator in my mind is going run on that hamster wheel until it’s finished.

  • Flooring will be installed
  • Walls will be patched
  • Popcorn Ceiling will be covered
  • Trim will be applied
  • Shelves will be built
  • Paintings and Photos will be hung
  • And eventually, new furniture will arrive.

Just like the diet. One step at a time. These things will be done in time.


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