Vacation Day 1: Finding Time


Literally and figuratively I don’t think it’s possible for me to have found a worse time to take a vacation. But perhaps that’s when you most need one.

The walls are mostly faded yellow. With trim of dusty, iron-red and green kindergarten trees and golden stars painted on the random joists. The wood floor is well worn revealing the character of neglect. It reflects perfectly, the sound Of Monsters & Men peppered with the grind of shots being pulled. Locals walk in. Locals talk. Locals write.

Welcome to my zen moment. It took me a second this morning to realize that this experience is more human, than anything that I’ve done behind a desk for the past two years.

I’m going to make this moment last as long as I can. Which sadly means, that I only get one more hour of it. The project at work that’s hovering like a dark cloud over my head is just… It’s ridiculous. I, as the designer with some HTML/CSS chops shouldn’t be able to debug and write better code than the folks we’ve hired. As a result I’m going in on my day off.  *dies a little inside*

And back to my zen.

The diet is less strict (surprise!) at the moment.  Because… While it sucks, I do definitely eat my feelings and I really need SOME (read, ANY) form of comfort at work right now. So having a sandwich? Not the most calorically restrictive, but damn if it doesn’t help me finish out the day.  I am making an effort to avoid sweets (this morning’s raspberry scone withstanding) and thus… I’m just making an effort to avoid the heavier fattier, sweeter, and greasier things as opposed to counting the calories.

I thought I said, back to my zen!?

Today, I’m going to wrap up preparations for the garage sale I’m putting on this weekend. Picking up tables, prepping signs (printed and read to be taped), setting up a tarp for a bit of shelter from the elements (might need another… TARP FORT!!), and finalizing a list of items that will be in the actual sale.

That’s Zen right?

Hm, I wonder if there’s a video on meditation? Oh wait, I’m still in the coffee shop, “Hello stars.”


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