A New Puppy and Some Old Anxieties

pug attack
The randomly found puppy in the picture is certainly the ring-leader of vive le chiot revolution.  Look at that face of determined ferocity… Such anger, much derp, so chubs.


The first night I had Russet (my cavalier), I barely slept.

Nearly seven years ago, the night after I received my puppy, I couldn’t- I was certain I couldn’t raise this dog well! I felt my stomach churn and rise into an enormous feeling of gult. Guilt that I had taken on a responsibility so great. Too great. I was so certain, that my efforts would fail, that what little sleep I managed to get that night was flooded with nightmares.

The following day I expressed this to the breeder. You know what she did? She laughed. She laughed and said I was going to be a great owner. If I cared that much about this dog, there was no way he was going to go unloved or neglected in any way.

Seven years later, Russet is one happy, healthy, well-trained (albeit a little derpy) dog.

Now there’s Puppy Number 2 on the way. Wouldn’t you guess it? Last night I slept like shit. We don’t even have the dog yet and I’m already losing sleep over whether or not it’s going to be healthy and happy. Whether or not it’s going to get along with Russet. The circumstances, the breed, the age of the dog… All things are different. How much the joy in raising and looking over puppy Russet was him? All dog’s have different personalities and now I’m going to have two.

Yikes, right? The moment they realized they’re a pack… oh the terrors they’ll become. I’m certain of it.

*Deep Breaths*

I’m mostly kidding about that last part. But only mostly. Deep in my gut, I know there’s still potential for the puppy revolution. Vive le Chiot Révolution.

I’m sure it’s all in my head. Six months from now the new routine of life will be so comfortable that any fear I had will be long forgotten. And by then, I’ll have two fluff monsters and moose at home whom all make me smile and remind me that the anxiety and stress of a new puppy is worth the effort. 🙂


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