Vacation Days 2 & 3: Garage Sale Complete

So it’s done. It never ceases to amaze me just how cheap people are at garage sales. We sold a speaker system that you can buy new for $1500, used for $50. Why? Because it was less of a hassle than dealing with Ebay. As a seller, I refer to eBay as “Fucking eBay.” As…

A Stupid Challenge

So I need something ridiculous to get me back into sketching. It’s no big secret that I’ve enjoyed the stupid game that is Pokemon since I played an import of the Red version on the Gameboy Pocket when I was 14. Starting tomorrow I think I’ll take a quick 15 minute sketch a day and…

Paws & Resume: Comic 001

Just an idea that I’m playing around with…  My partner and I thought it would be cute if it turned out my dog was secretly a bigot all Jim Davis-style.

Sacrificial Puppy

This is the comic I drew and printed out for my boyfriend for our 6 month anniversary.  Yes, I’m sacrificing the puppy and yes the puppy is happy about it…  I don’t know why I have such a weird puppy.  But I do. Posted with his permission. 🙂  


Rock evolution form of Eevee. This is a bit of a preview of something that I’ve been working on for some 13 years now. A bit more than just an evolution for eevee, I can’t say anymore now. Alas this is just a concept. The final might be a touch different.

Recipe: Honey Lavender Bread

Honey Lavender Bread Pretty damned healthy if you check the ingredients below.  It should be known that this cake/bread is pretty flexible. With the consistency of cornbread, if can either go savory or sweet.  So if you feel like butter and salt as a topping go for it, or if you’d rather frosting? It’ll suit…

Poké- Me!

Need a new I’d for deviant art and thought of doing some weird Game of Thrones/ Pokemon thing. Update! Cleaning up the sketch and just now rethinking the face. Ah well…