The Tools

Every single day I follow a strict routine. [Updated 5/5/2015] 

This blog isn’t the most scientific thing out there, but I try to use a bit of well researched fact behind my motivations. Effectively I could be tracking my caloric intake each day, which would allow for me to see exactly how much was going in, versus how much I burned. But that takes time… Something I don’t have a lot of when I’m home and actually preparing food.  Have you tried calculating misted olive oil over various greens and how their caloric state changes based off of they way you baked them? Thought not).

The weekends are a little bit more loose, but emphasize an effort to apply willpower and personal control in the amount I eat. I usually still start the day with a shake, but then have small meals in the real world for the rest of each day.

I do my best. And so far I’m not doing that bad.

The Shakes

I have four shakes, 1x meal replacement and 3x protein. Here’s what goes into them.

My protein shake includes:

  • Combine
    • 3 Scoops Vegan Protein Optimizer Formula  (115 cal/per scoop) link
    • 3 Scoops of Hemp Pro 70 (140 cal/ per scoop) link

For a total of 255 calories per shake.

My Meal Replacement shake includes:

  • 1 Scoop Vega One Meal Replacement (146 cal) link
  • 1 Scoop Vegan Protein Optimizer Formula  (115 cal/per scoop) link

For a total of 266 calories per shake.

Bringing the total to approximately 1031 calories.

The Vehicle

Simple enough, I’ve got a fleet of Blender Bottles. These are the best way to make a powdered shake into something consumable. I could have said, “The Bottles” which would technically be more accurate, but I figured… Vehicle sounds cooler.

The Technology

To track my fitness I use:

  • MyFitnessPal (app) – Track my food intake and set goals for steps, calorie intake, and calorie burn
  • MapMyFitness Pro (app) – track workouts for accurate calorie burn information

How these all work together… My iPhone is my hub. I use the two apps listed to agregate and collate the data from all the devices:

  1. Armour 39 Heart Rate Monitor – More accurate calorie burn than the Apple Watch, worn for workouts, no walks and connects to MapMyFitness
  2. Apple Watch– Pedometer and secondary calorie burn comparison and general motivator (easier to access and visualize my active days versus inactive days)
  3. Withings Scale – Weight Change and tracking

The Workout

Each week I have a baseline goal:

  • At least 2 significant walks
  • At least 3 significant workouts

Walking-wise, the pacific northwest is amazing and I have no problem finding lengths 2-7 miles long to walk with my wonderfully supportive partner and our dog. As for the workout… We left the yoga studio we used to attend in favor of a smaller gym. We get a complete workout in about an hour.



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